i2Gemini is a respected supplier of products and consulting services to the Long Distance Carriers, the Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, the Internet Service Providers as well as Local and State Government agencies, Health and Insurance Providers.  In addition to our Telecom Network product line, we provide services and software to both small and medium size Call and Contact Centers throughout the world.  These solutions assist management to focus on their agent requirements for an increase in organizational and operating efficiency.

i2Gemini is committed to provide an up-to-date and accurate collection of tariff and rate information that becomes available to meet the demand of today’s competitive markets.  We continue our commitment to ensure our modeling has the most current regulatory changes that affect the telecom industry.  We maintain an in-house elibrary system of intra- and interstate tariff information to assist in these efforts.  This information supplies our clients with “monthly” updates through their use of our Local Calling Data Analyzer for local information or our Switched Access NetExpress pricing engine that provides cost per minute rate information to every US dialed combination within LERG6.


Traffic and Trunk Engineering
Tariff and Pricing Tools
Network Optimization